Ebay Services

If you have, or are planning on opening an eBay Shop (or eBay Store as they are often termed) then you will be aware how important making the right first impression is. Does your shop portray you as a professional online retailer, or as one of the many amateur sellers who are in it for a quick fast buck?

We are one of the leaders in eBay shop design and all of our work is carried out by seasoned, proven designers. All of our eBay store design come complete with an optimised store logo and a matching eBay template design for each one of your shop’s individual listings.

There are many benefits to having a well designed, professional eBay store. Higher numbers of sales, sold at higher prices increase profits. You give a better, more professional impression of your business, enabling you to stand out from your competitors and take your online trading to the next level.

All of our shop designs are fully compatible with the eBay system, allowing you to still use the eBay interface when creating new listings and managing your account.

Ebay Template Design

If your selling items on eBay, whether that be for personal or business use, then we would like to offer our eBay template design services. All of our bespoke design templates are easy to use and are fully compliant with all of eBay’s selling policies.

eBay sellers often notice an immediate increase in sales, and also achieve higher selling prices when they use our eBay listing templates. The reason for that is because use of them sets you apart from your competition. You are seen as more professional by using them, and so gain higher levels of trust from your potential customers. They reduce the time it takes to make your listings.

Our templates work by allowing you to copy and paste the template’s code into your item’s description when you are creating the listing. Simply choose the HTML tab option, copy and paste the template’s code into the box, then switch back to the design view, where upon you can add your item’s textual particulars and description.

You can use the templates in as many listings as you want, and your free to make changes so that each of your items for sale are targeted toward your target market.

Ebay Listing Service

If your new to selling on eBay or sell large amounts of items, you will often find that creating attractive listing and pictures that convert into sales can be extremely time consuming.

For people and companies in such a situation, we offer our eBay selling and listing services. These are aimed towards anyone who needs initial help in getting started, or would be better off spending their time on other, more profitable tasks.

All we require from yourself are the raw, unedited pictures of your items for sale and their respective descriptions. With these in hand, we can firstly edit and optimise your images to gain maximum advantage from the limitations imposed upon a listing’s pictures by eBay. Then we research what is currently available, and then look at what is actually selling on eBay. Then we turn our attention to the search engines (such as Google and Yahoo) and analyse what people are currently searching for to ensure that your listings contain these key key phrases to ensure you receive the maximum number of views from people actually looking to buy (lot’s of views and low numbers of sales harms the position of your listing in eBay’s default search criteria of “Best Match”). The search engines are often overlooked by eBay seller’s, who often find themselves surprised by the percentage of views they receive on their listings, which are directly sent from the search engines, as opposed to the more predictable, and lower in number users which are using eBay directly.

By performing the actions briefly described above we aim to ensure that your items are as focused towards your target customers as possible and that you gain a higher percentage of view to sale conversions.